Q1. What are the common symptoms of cancer?

Ans. Any ulcer or wound which does not heal.
Any vaginal bleeding or discharge
Lump in the breast
Bone or soft tissue swelling
Long standing cough
Blood in vomitus, sputum, urine or stools
Change in bowel or bladder habits
Pain in the tummy
Change in voice or hoarseness of voice

Q2. What are the common cancers in India?

Ans. The most common cancer in India is head and neck cancer including mouth cancer. Other common cancers are cervical cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and intestinal cancer.

Q3. What causes cancer?

Ans. There are a variety of factors contributing to the development of cancer, viz. tobacco use, alcohol use, some viruses, radiation, chemicals etc. However, the cause is unknown in a good number of cases.

Q4. Is there a treatment for cancer?

Ans. Yes

Q5. What are the various treatment options for cancer?

Ans. The variety of treatment options includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, molecular targeted therapy, immunotherapy etc.

Q6. Can cancer appear again after treatment completion?

Ans. Sadly, despite all known treatment modalities, cancer has a tendency to come back. However, it is very difficult to predict the chances of the disease recurring in a particular patient.