Bladder Cancer Treatment

What is Bladder Cancer?

Bladder cancer symptoms include painless blood in the urine or frequent and painful urination. Bladder cancer is highly treatable with options such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.
The most commonly Bladder Cancer found in older people, with people over 55 making up about 90% of diagnosed cases. The average age at which bladder cancer is diagnosed is 73 years.

  • Blood in the urine: The first sign of bladder cancer is usually blood in the urine, also called hematuria. The color of the urine may change to a very pale yellow-red. More rarely, the urine may be dark red. Other times, the urine does not change color but blood is found during a routine medical check-up.
  • Changes in urination: Frequent urination, pain during urination and a feeling of urination urgency even when the bladder is not full may be bladder cancer symptoms.
  • Lower back pain: Larger bladder cancers may cause lower back pain.

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