Survivour Testimonials

Patient 01

"When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt the ground slip under me. I was doubtful if we could ever survive this ordeal. But the efficient services provided by Dr. Naveen's team helped us go through all the treatment phases smoothly and helped us recover from the breast cancer ordeal rapidly."

Patient 02

"I never knew testicular cancer could be so frightful and fraught with suffering. When I went for a consultation at Dr. Naveen's clinic, the doctor and staff provided me with a comfortable environment where I could relax and give them complete details of my problem.They then drew up a treatment plan which helped me to slowly but steadily recover from my testicular cancer. I was total apprehensive about the various cancer treatment plans which might be offered and doubted them before entering the treatment phase. But Dr. Naveen has proven that cancer treatment can be less painful and can heal even the most difficult to cure cancers when approached in the right manner and process."

Patient 03

"Dr. Naveen Cancer Clinic has on offer various types of treatment options for all types of cancers. We were very happy to come to his clinic and get our treatment."

Patient's Wife

"The very thought that my husband was suffering from cancer was heartbreaking, but we saw a ray of hope in Dr. Naveen. Right from the time we entered his clinic to the time of completion of treatment, every one of the staff at every level was extremely supportive and helped us pull through the cancer treatment in an effective manner. We are really grateful to the entire staff at Dr. Naveen Cancer Clinic who have brought back smiles into our lives."

Patient's Family

After going through a immensly troublesome phase of getting the cancer diagnosis done and prepraring for Melonama treatment, we were referred to the specialists at Dr. Naveen Cancer Clinic who took us under their wings so to speak and built up a detailed treatment plan which could be achieved in a limited time frame and on a budget. This gave us immense confidence in Dr. Naveen Cancer Clinic as we hail from a weak economic background and they provided us with all the support which we required on every front for our pre and post treatment. Their approach to treatment and the care they have shown towards us during the process has been extraordinary and we are really touched by all the support which they gave us. ."

This is a consultation centre only. No emergency services available.

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